Movies in Review: “Aquaman”

Aquaman_posterAm I the only one who wasn’t feeling that optimistic about this latest DC Comic superhero film. I mean, DC Comics isn’t known for dropping the best films lately…~coughs~ Justice League…Batman v Superman. It got lucky with Wonderwoman, which I thought was a fairly decent movie considering which comic universe it originated from ~shrugs. Now we have Aquaman taking on his own stand-alone movie. I really wanted to be excited for this movie, but far too often DC has only left me with disappointment to even think this wouldn’t be more of the same. The only thing I did know is that I was sure to get an eye full seeing Jason Momoa flash across the screen for 2hrs, which would make any disappointment I felt about the movie, worth it…lol.

I am shocked, and even more surprised that I’m even saying this about this movie, but it is EVERYTHING! This movie blew my mind. It is definitely the best DC Comic film by far and I would even say has a chance competing with the worse of any Marvel film. The opening scene wasn’t the best introduction for me because all I kept thing was damn, they CGI’d the shit out of Nicole Kidman’s face! Lol…The first submarine scene was a little wonky too with what felt like over the top acting coming from Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, the actor playing Black Manta. Performances and story for all got better quickly though.

I’d like to pause for a moment to tell you how much life Jason Momoa will give you (talking to my females) when you see this movie. He comes into that first scene, when he turns around, those eyes look like he is staring directly at you and into your soul. I felt myself swooning more than one. Those eyes are piercing, and that body will have you on drool. I’m just giving fair warning, and letting you know you want to get to the theater to get you some…ijs…

Besides what Momoa has to offer physically, his performance as Aquaman was on a 10. I definitely enjoyed his character having a chance to shine in this film. It shows that he is one of the stronger performers/characters from this DC Universe. I loved his comedic delivery, and the fun chemistry he had on-screen with Mera, played by Amber Heard. Admittedly, I wasn’t the biggest fan of that plastic wig, but the movie was so entertaining it seemed small. There are far too many visually entertaining and grand scenes to squawk at something so small. The underwater scenes are spectacular, and although I watched this movie on a regular screen, it felt like I was underwater. I could only imagine what the experience is like on a premium screen like IMAX or RPX, which I would recommend seeing this movie on.

All in all, this movie was a happy surprise. It has a great story that has great build-up, elements of surprise and is an entertainment gem all the way through. This is a movie you definitely want to see, you won’t be disappointed you did…A-

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