Movies in Review: “The Foreigner”

The_Foreigner_(2017_film)Oh how I love me some Jackie Chan, and I have definitely missed seeing him on the big screen. He has definitely been working, however his last few films were voice features for more than a few animated films. I was starting to think that he was out of the martial arts action flicks, and understandably so. I mean come on…the man is 63 years old…lol. So imagine my surprise and excitement when the trailer for The Foreigner came across my screen. I couldn’t wait for this film to be released. Jackie usually is more of the comedic style, but this more dramatic role had me more excited. My expectations were off the charts, and I had little doubt I would be disappointed.


I seriously loved almost everything about this movie. It was so kickass. Even at the age of 63, Jackie Chan looks like he is still in his prime. I enjoyed this dramatic role more than any of his comedic ones. He was definitely on point, and had a phenomenal supporting cast. I enjoyed the story and its pace. I wanted more character development on Chan’s character, but you are given pieces of his characters background throughout the film to piece it somewhat together.


I thought the film’s story had great build up. Each piece leading to the conclusion, which I enjoyed. The very end of the movie I thought needed a little work. It kind of rolled to credits on a flat note, but the conclusion of all the events in the film were very satisfactory. The action sequences were great, and without a doubt, very entertaining to watch.


Another great Jackie Chan movie for the books. You will be in awe at the way this man still moves at his age. You will be drawn into the story which will keep your interests to the very end. Not a perfect film, but still very much worth seeing…B

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Movies in Review: “Marshall”

Marshall_(film)I remember when I first saw the theatrical poster for this film there was nothing that had me thinking it was about the late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall. The reason is because Chadwick Boseman was the person on person with the word “Marshall” underneath. I seriously thought it was a movie about cops?…maybe?…lol. I didn’t know, and at the time, didn’t care. I would go see anything Boseman was in, except that James Brown film he starred in, which I’m still wishing I could get my money back for…lol. It wasn’t until I watched the trailer did I finally get the scoop on this biographical drama, that left me a little baffled at their choice for Boseman to play this role. I’m sure most of you are/were thinking the same thing. I seriously had a hard time getting my head wrapped around seeing this film based mostly on the fact that Boseman looked nothing like Marshall. Once I calmed down, I realized this was a silly reason not to see this film. So I shook it off and headed to the theater…


Anyone who still has a problem with Boseman not looking like Marshall you aren’t doing yourself any favors by not seeing this film. I admit it was hard at times to visually see Thurgood Marshall, but Boseman’s performance was so great at times it felt like all I could see was Marshall. Sometimes Boseman can be a little too dramatic and extra with some emotions, but I felt he was more spot on in this film. He’s a great dramatic actor, I will definitely give that. I haven’t seen emotion like he gives on the screen since Denzel Washington, and Nate Parker (yes I’m a huge fan of Parker’s). The story focuses on the beginning of Thurgood Marshall’s career, and one case in particular. Thurgood Marshall’s work for people of color is powerful and riveting and I was more than happy to experience a small piece of his story, which was very well done in my opinion. Josh Gad was a great co-star as Counsel Sam Friedman. Gad is a great comedic actor, but can also switch it up. He and Boseman worked well together and made it a very entertaining film.


I forgot how much I enjoy a good courtroom drama until I saw this film. Watching the story play out had me locked to the screen as all the pieces were being put together, and obstacles were being hurdled, all the stuff that good courtroom dramas are made of. Yes there are a million actors who favor Thurgood Marshall more physically, but I don’t think many could have matched Boseman’s performance…B+

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Movies in Review: “THe Mountain Between Us”

TheMountainBetweenUsfilmposterIf it wasn’t for the 2 lead actors in this film, of which I am both fans of, I probably would have passed on this film. There were a number of actors who were considered and passed for these roles and I can’t say any of the others, besides maybe Michael Fassbender, would have gotten into the theater to see this film more than Elba and Winslet. Not to say that I even thought these 2 looked like they matched well together in the trailer, because I didn’t think they did, but the trailer was ok enough for me to give it a chance…

I must say that it was the performances of Winslet and Elba together that pulled me through this film. They seriously looked like an odd couple, but upon seeing this film, their chemistry was magnetic. I believe they worked well together even when things were falling apart around them. The story was hugely farfetched and I felt Winslet had too many near death experiences that Elba’s character should have no way been able to revive her from. Also can we talk about that miracle dog :/. There is no way survival from that crash should have been possible for him…right?! Lol…but either way he was still a joy to have in the movie, so I let them get away with that.

This was a cute survival love story with scenarios that were too unbelievable at times, but with engaging performances from Winslet and Elba, there is still some joy to be had. I found myself thinking there was no way they could survive, and hoping they did kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the film. Not a blockbuster hit, but something decent to watch while cuddled up with someone special on wintery evening…lol…C

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Movies in Review: “Blade Runner 2049”

Blade_Runner_2049_logoIs it bad that I went to see this film without watching the first film? To be honest, I really tried to watch the first Blade Runner, but couldn’t get into it and found myself dozing more than watching. Please don’t kill me, because I know there are some big fans of the first film. Although the original didn’t do anything to keep my attention I still had interest in seeing this second film…why? Ummmmmm…Ryan Gosling of course…duh. I was hoping I could jump right into this film like I did the last Star Wars movie without having to see the previous films and still be able to follow what was happening…lol. I wasn’t pressed to see this movie, and with a running time of 3hrs, I seriously almost passed on it. However I thought I would be missing out on something, so I decided to go.

The best part about this film was definitely the cinematography. It was one of the best creative, visually appealing films I’ve seen this year. Kudos in that department. The story was ok and had a really nice pace, but nothing will have you get over the fact that it will feel like you spent have the day in the theater. I thought the time I spent in there didn’t bother me as much and the film was still good enough to see, but all I kept thinking about was what I could have been spending my time on more important…perhaps sleep…lol. Gosling was great, and I don’t feel I was lost because I didn’t see the first film…ok maybe a little. However that was because I missed a little of the introduction, which kind of got everyone caught up to speed as to where this story began.

All in all not a bad film, just not great enough in my opinion to spend 3hrs in the theater watching. However I do feel the visual effects are definitely worth seeing on the big screen. So if you have the time, it still may be worth you seeing…B+

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Movies in Review: “American Made”

American_Made_(film)I am probably one of the only Tom Cruise fans left, as it seems he doesn’t really pack in the theaters the way that he use to anymore. However there probably isn’t a film that he stars in that I wouldn’t see. I enjoy his performances, especially in action movies. They trailer for American Made was nothing riveting, it looked like something Cruise was well suited for, and still something I’d enjoy watching. What surprised me was that critics were praising this film, unlike the reception of his other previous movies. So now I was definitely expecting to see something great!

This movie and Tome Cruise were good, not great, but good enough for me. There was nothing exceptional about Cruise’s performance. His personality fit well with this story, but his performance was much like what we see in other films. He is always a delight to watch and seems to shine on-screen. He always seems to get out of every situation with a big wide grin, even when he’s scared, he’s smiling…lol. I enjoyed the story, although I’ve ready it’s very loosely based on what actually happened. I think the movie felt a bit longer than I think it needed, but other than that, still very entertaining. There were some great flight scenes and we found Cruise’s character in some very interesting situations.

All in all, not a bad film, if you are a fan of Cruise’s work. The film was a bit too long for my tastes, but that would be about my only complaint. Cruise is Cruise in this film and as he is in other films, but it worked better I guess for this story. I just don’t want you thinking Cruise’s performance was out of the box based on what critics have been saying…B+

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Movies in Review: “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”

Kingsman_The_Golden_CircleEggsy’s Back!!! Woooohoooo…I know I can’t be the only one excited after seeing the first film. The first movie was off the chain, and I’ve been anticipating a sequel, although I was highly pissed that they offed Harry, played by Colin Firth, in the first film. I didn’t know why they thought that was a good idea. However I guess they felt the same way because Harry appeared in the trailer for this second film…hmmmmmmm…definitely interested to see how they were able to work that magic…lol. My excitement level was on 10, and I couldn’t wait to see what this next installment had to offer.


This movie started out with action from the door. The first action sequence however was so over-stylized. I kind of loved the understated and smooth action sequences in the first film. Thar first car scene was way unbelievable and kind of turned me off a bit. But no worries, it did get better…sort of. You can tell a film wants to take a movie in a different direction with future films when they pretty much kill off everyone that returned from the first…womp womp. I’m not mad at that, I just think they could have done it in a better way. So needless to say, new characters were introduced, which I loved. Whose idea was it to cast Elton John? Best idea ever, he was one of my favorites in the movie…lol.


I loved the other action sequences, although I felt the introduction to Channing Tatum’s character was a little corny. Halle Berry’s character didn’t really shine in this film and was too understated for me. The way they brought Harry back had me giving it a side-eye, but I’m going to let them have that, it was nice to have him back.


This film definitely has some work to do for the next installment, and one of the things they need to change is the longer than needed running time for this movie. They also need to work on keeping the move and actions sequences classy, but well done. This installment didn’t pack the punch of the first film, but I still left the theater entertained…B-

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Movies in Review: “Battle of the Sexes”

Battle_of_the_Sexes_(film)I didn’t see a trailer for Battle of the Sexes, only the theatrical poster. However this is all I needed to see to know that I was definitely interested in seeing this film. I had no idea what it was about, but being a huge fan of both these actors work, I would bet money that I would enjoy it. It was later that I found out it was loosely based on the tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs…cool. Knowing this didn’t change my expectations as they were already pretty high. I was ready to see a good film, and I knew this would do the job.


I really enjoyed this movie, mostly because of the performances from all, but especially Stone and Carell. Steve Carell did his thing, and not only looked like Bobby Riggs, but it felt like he was the real deal. The same for Emma Stone. This film is loosely based on their tennis match, but a story that we all needed to see. You could tell the film embellished some things for drama, as the plot felt weak at times, but the performances outshines any holes you might feel it had. My only complaint would be that I felt like they focused too much on Billie Jean King’s affair…but that’s just me.


If you are a fan of Billie Jean King and her work to get equal pay for women in the sport then you will enjoy this film. A story that needs to be seen, as reform needs to be had across the board and the way women’s roles are perceived still needs to change. This film may open a few eyes…A-

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