Movies in Review: “Ghost in the Shell”

Ghost_in_the_Shell_(2017_film)Many of my friends have been looking forward to this film with excitement, and you think I was too. However the trailer for this film really didn’t do much for me. So much so that I was considering taking a pass on this one. This is strange for me because I love Johansson in action films, but to me she looked strange in this role from what I watched in the trailer. She didn’t really look like the right cast…in my opinion. To my surprise, I’m not the only one who felt this way, and after watching the film it made sense why I had this feeling.

From the start the movie just felt odd, or at least Johansson felt odd in it. The story was set in Japan, and I guess this was the reason for the weird haircut on Johansson’s character Major. I get that Major is a machine with a human brain, but she was still too stiff and empty for me to care about her. The action scenes were great and this film is a visual enterprise, but the Japanese setting and Johansson as the main character will have you a little uneasy, like something doesn’t fit. The story was just ok, but besides her action scenes, Johansson failed to give me what I wanted from this character. By the time the film is ending I see why Johansson in this role didn’t fit for me.

I didn’t really think this film looked good from the trailer, and my discomfort with Johnasson in this role was validated. This film is being marketed as a major blockbuster film, but it was just ok at best. I would save my money for a blockbuster that’s more worth your coins…C-

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Movies in Review: “The Boss Baby”

Boss_Baby_posterCan I tell you how much I was looking forward to seeing this movie? The trailer had me at the word “baby”…Lol. I have a thing for animated films about babies and pets. They account for some of the cutest films for me, putting Boss Baby on my must see list. I thought the trailer was so cute, fun and entertaining. Not to mention Alec Baldwin’s voice cast as the Boss Baby. It took a little convincing to get my little man on board to see this one. He wasn’t too keen on the baby sounding like a grown man thing. He thought it was a little weird. However after watching the trailer a few more times, he was just as stoked about seeing it as I was.


The feeling I had about this movie after it ended was so unexpected. This film is nowhere near as cute and entertaining as the trailer made it appear. The animation was good, but the humor was ho-hum at best. Not to mention the story was all over the place and it lacked a good moral/lesson that I’m used to getting by the end of these films. Halfway through, even my kid asked if we could leave, he was not feeling it. I could tell he was having a hard time with that baby sounding like a grown man…lol…and the story wasn’t the easiest for him to follow especially when the character Tim’s imagination scenes were injected at weird times ~shrugs.


I was seriously hoping this movie would be better, but I found myself annoyed that I got up so early to see this movie (because all the evening shows were sold out) and could have been sleep. I’ve heard friends say their kids walked out of the theater loving it, but that wasn’t the case for me and mine. I wish I could get my $16 and 2hrs back and spend them elsewhere…Ugh!…D

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Movies in Review: “The Zookeeper’s Wife”

Zookeepers_WifeNot too much talk has been buzzing about this film. However I remember seeing the trailer once and wanting to see it once it was released. I have a thing for war dramas, and it’s even better if they are based on true stories. I guess I could read up on history, but a cinematic story of it is always more fun for me, and has a better chance of keeping and holding my attention…#Truth #DontJudge.


This film tells the story of Zoo Keepers in the 1940’s who rescued Jews in Warsaw, Poland that were being taken from their homes and imprisoned by the German Army. For a film taking place at this time it had sort of a more calming feeling that other films centered on the imprisonment of the Jewish people at this time. I think the focus was more on the couple that ran the Zoo than the unthinkable acts that were happening to the Jews. I didn’t mind this. There were glimpse of the treatment the Jewish people had to endure but was toned way down. I get where critics are coming from when some say you feel more for the animals than the people in this film, and they are right. The animals in the zoo get a great deal of screen time and I did feel more pain for their suffering than the people the zookeepers were helping. The movie could have used a boost of something that made the people’s suffering matter more. I did love Chastain’s performance, but also felt the story was a little too focused on her as well. 


I enjoyed the film, but it felt too sweet and pretty for a film of this time. There were jolts scary moments, but too far and few for stories like this. I would recommend seeing this film, because it is a decent story. I don’t think you need to catch this in the theaters though. Watching on an evening, or leisurely commute will suit you just as well…B-

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Movies in Review: “Life”

Life_(2017_film)There has been quite the buzz around this film. Notably so I guess, the cast has some heavy hitters in Gyllenhaal and Reynolds, but still for some reason, I was still considering taking a pass on this film. I don’t know what it was about it that just didn’t capture me. Maybe it’s because the trailer looked like all the other “alien” type space films. Where the plot always seems to play out in similar ways. Please let me mention that I’m not the biggest fan of these type of films, mostly because they have a tendency to grossly freak me out…lol. Although I didn’t want to see this film, it was Gyllenhaal and Reynolds, as well as the positive buzz that got me into the theater…and I’m happy I went.

Yes the move rolls along like many of the others in this genre, except better. The performances were a lot better and made it more than other films like it. Also, they gave the Alien a name, which you will remember throughout the film because “Calvin” is something that you will want to shake, but can’t, even after the credits roll. Calvin has to be one of the craziest aliens I’ve ever seen in a film, and I hate him…lol. You will get all of your monies worth on this one up until the very end. This creature will have your heart jumping, hands gripping your chair, and have you at the edge of your seat. I seriously was talking about Calvin for an hour after I left the theater…yeah…he was that crazy…smh.

I would never want to see this movie again, but I’m happy I did go see it. Please don’t watch this one bootleg because you need to be able to see everything this alien is doing. That’s where the horror lies. I love a film that can get me going, and this is one of those movies. It had a twist that I felt was a little predictable but still messed me up in the head…lol…so that’s still a win…A-

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Movies in Review: “Power Rangers”

Power_Rangers_(2017_Official_Theatrical_Poster)Ok I have to make it clear, I’m not a Power Rangers fan. I’ve never watched the show because at the time I thought it looked corny. When I first watched the trailer for the film, I had the same feelings I shared for the show except the film starred the young actor RJ Cyler. I was first introduced to this young man’s talents in the phenomenal movie Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (if you haven’t seen it, you need to see it). I loved him in that movie and seeing him in the Power Rangers definitely sparked some interest in the film. However, I still had planned to pass on this movie until my son starting begging to see it. This was the determining factor that got me into the theater. I wasn’t expecting much, was just there to spend time with my kid.

Wow…I went in ho-hum, but walked out of the theater quite pleased. The movie wasn’t bad at all. It was a little corny at times, but I think that is to be expected. I enjoyed the young actors they had playing this Power Rangers, they were very interesting, especially the boys, the girls were just ok. RJ Cyler was definitely my favorite. This young man is going to go far, he is a phenomenal talent. The other Power Rangers were great, but his personality shined the brightest. I think that the film took longer than I thought before we actually got a chance to see the Power Rangers in action, however, once they got going, it was amazing and fun to watch. There are some very humorous moments in the final action scene that kids and adults will enjoy.

I was very pleased with this film. It was definitely the young actors and costumes that made this movie so much fun to watch. The Power Rangers were really badass and entertaining. I know the theater was filled with Power Ranger fans, but it was the only film I watched this weekend that received and applause when the credits rolled…B+

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Movies in Review: “Chips”

Chips_film_posterI can’t say I watched Chips the television series much, but I knew enough about it to be familiar when I watched the trailer for the movie. The film surprisingly caught my interest more than the trailer ever did. Of course, I think a lot of the credit goes to Michael Pena starring in it. I am a huge Pena fan, and will take my chances with going to see anything he’s cast in. I think he does a great job with any character he plays, be it drama or comedy, he hits it on the nail. I thought the trailer for Chips was hysterical, so I was definitely looking forward to seeing this one. I expected it to be somewhat corny, but still funny…

Unfortunately this movie was more corny than funny. It took a minute for the comedy to actually get good, at least half way through the film before I laughed, and this wasn’t for a lack of trying. In my opinion Dax Shepard’s character Jon Baker was dry as hell. That whole bicycle injury thing wasn’t funny no matter how hard he went at it. The only time it was funny was with the tub scene, which was the funniest scene in the film. Shepard and Pena weren’t the best comedic duo, but that could have had a deal to do with the direction of the story. It was a little all over the place, especially at the beginning and didn’t have a strong focus. Pena was cool, but could have been great with a better comedic partner. Once the comedy finally got better, the storyline got cornier though…very unfortunate. I honestly can’t remember some of the final scenes in the film, it was that forgettable ~shrugs.

I wasn’t expecting this film to be great, but I was definitely expecting a great deal more than what I got. I laughed at one scene, and maybe chuckled through a few others. It rated low on humor, and very high on corny, not a very good combination. This movie wasn’t a compliment to the television series, but instead more of a forgettable mess…D+

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Movies in Review: “Beauty and the Beast”

Beauty_and_the_Beast_2017_posterAs we know I’m not the biggest fan of films being redone and rebooted, but I’d have to say I have to exclude the Disney fairytale films that have been released as of late. With phenomenal films like Maleficent and Cinderella, Disney has brought new life to these classic stories, and I have enjoyed the experiences. It should be no surprise that when I watched the trailer for Beauty and the Beast, the hair stood up on my arms and I got chills. I am super surprised by my reaction to the trailer because I was never the biggest fan of the Beauty and the Beast story. Don’t hate me, I think it was the beast that made me shudder and kept me from this story ~shrugs. As an adult it’s clear I’m no longer scared of this beast and marked my calendar for the release of this film. I had to bring my little guy and was a little worried the film might not be good for him since there was no animation, but I was hoping for the best.


O…M…G!!! This movie is everything. I thought I loved the remake of Cinderella, but Beauty and the Beast had me on a super high. It was a visually stunning film, maxing out its entertainment value. I said I was worried if my kid would enjoy it, but each time I glanced over at him his eyes were glued to the screen and there was a smile planted on his face. The characters were everything and had enough to keep the younger audience members interested throughout. The costumes were amazing, especially the yellow dress Belle wore. By the way Emma Watson was a shining star as the character Beauty. I don’t think they could have cast a better actress. Also the visual effects they used on the Beast were absolutely AMAZING! I could go on and on about this film, and all would be positive. One of my favorite films so far for 2017.


If you have little ones, especially little girls, do not let this movie leave the theater without them seeing it. It is great on any screen, but I would have loved it on a more premium screen as it’s a visual masterpiece. It’s so good, I would add it to my collection to be watched over and over…A+!

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