Movies in Review: “Ben is Back”

Ben_is_BackThere was nothing particularly exciting about this movie when watching the trailer, however it is the plot that many people may find familiar and personal that will draw you in. This is the reason I went to see the film, the story hits home. It may not hit home for many of us personally, but it’s a story we may have all come in contact with. The plot drew me in, as well as the cast. This movie wasn’t ranked high on my list of films to see, but lucky for me there weren’t too many new releases this weekend, pushing this film right to the top of my weekend viewing list. My expectations for the film were about average. I expected to walk out of the theater satisfied.

I was more than satisfied with this film. Spending one day with Ben will keep you glued to the screen. I was mentally and emotionally exhausted after watching these 24hrs play out on-screen. Can you imagine a family who is actually dealing with this type of family drama? I could feel every emotional fear and anguish Julia Robert’s character went through as a mother. This story felt so real, it was a little hard to watch. I know I started to think about my own child watching this film and was hit with overwhelming fear.

A day in the life with Ben (a recovering addict) and his mother played by Julia Robert’s is an eye-opening experience. All a mother wants to do is keep their child safe, but life can definitely get in the way of that, and that’s what’s scary. This is a family drama that is very well done and will hit home…A-

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Movies in Review: “Creed II”

Creed_II_posterThe Rocky franchise was renewed when the 2015 film Creed landed in theaters. We were all hype walking out of this film and on board with the new direction the franchise was taking. I know I wasn’t the only one who got chills when watching trailers for this sequel. I know I was hype. I admit, I enjoyed Creed, and liked the way the story continued, but I didn’t rave about the film as much as others. However, Creed II had me on another level. The trailer for this sequel had chills running up my spine, of course, much of that could have been due to the music accompanying the trailer. I was all the way hype, not to mention the storyline…Yaaaassssssss. I was prepared to see a boxing match this Holiday weekend, and I was all the way ready.

I very much enjoyed this movie. However, I thought that the storyline of Drago and Creed would be the best part, but it was the love story of Bianca and Creed that drew me in. Their love story wasn’t the focal point of the film (just in case you men are worried), but to me, it was the most powerful part of the film. There was some real love felt in those scenes with them, I’m always here for that.

Besides the love story, the film had the heart and power we felt in the first film, if not more. I wish the Drago character had more dialogue, and they made him more personable. He just felt like an animal in the film. That would probably have been the only thing I would have changed. Jordan however was giving me life! Can I get and AMEN for that body! Apologies male readers of my blog, but I’m about to spaz out for a second. I am still applauding that work Michael B. Jordan put in on the body. Believe me when I tell you, Jordan alone is enough to get you into the theater to see this film. Half the movie was filmed with his shirt off, sit on that for a min…Girl!

I have so many good things to say about this movie. It wasn’t perfect, but it had all the right things in it to make it good enough to recommend you see it…A-


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Movies in Review: “Ralph Breaks the Internet”

Ralph_Breaks_the_Internet_(2018_film_poster)I loved the original film Wreck-it-Ralph, so I was more than excited when I first watched the trailer for this sequel. The trailer looked amazing and seemed to have a nice spin from its original. Almost everything is about the internet now, so I thought this was a good direction to take the movie. The trailer looked like it had all the original characters returning, with some interesting new additions. Besides Creed II, this was the other film I was definitely looking forward to seeing over this holiday weekend. Sequels usually don’t add up to its predecessor, but I had high hopes for this one.

This movie was way more than I expected it to be. They really stepped it up on this sequel. The original really felt focused on the kid audience with a story fitting for the younger audience, but this sequel is way more tech, and savvy. The story had more depth and will keep an older audience interests on the screen. It is still a movie that the kids will love. The animation, and CGI is amazing, and the characters will give you life. I loved the scene with all the Disney Princesses, they looked stunning, were funny, and I loved how they made them into relatable characters. My favorite character was Yesss, voiced by Taraji P. Henson. Yesss had the best hair and clothes in the movie. Her look was so fly, and changed in almost every scene she was in. There were definitely a few hairstyles and outfits I wanted for myself…lol. She is everything.

Ralph Breaks the Internet really packs a punch and is fun and exciting throughout. The story has depth, characters are on point, and the visuals are amazing. If you are interested in seeing this film, I would recommend you definitely check out the Wreck-it-Ralph first. This sequel is well worth seeing and adding to the collection…A+

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Movies in Review: “Robin Hood”

Robin_Hood_(2018_film_poster)I’m not the biggest fan of the same tales being told over and over again, and I think Robin Hood has definitely had its run and should be put to rest. So needless to say, I was less than thrilled when I watched the newest trailer for this story. The trailer was ok, but I think I was most intrigued by Taron Egerton, who I happen to have a massive crush on. He is an extra cutie. He was actually the only reason I even went to see this film as I am not the biggest fan of Jamie Foxx’s acting skill. Outside of Ray, he has pretty much been obtuse on the big screen ~shrugs. This movie is 2hrs long, which I thought was a lot of time for a movie I didn’t really care to see, however the action scenes in the trailer looked decent and there was also 2hrs gazing at Egerton, so I decided to go.

Although I wasn’t expecting much from this movie, I received even less than that from my time. Egerton was the only take away from this movie, the rest of the film was mostly a bust. I disliked Foxx in this role, as I thought I would. I could not take him seriously as an Arab fighter. It is hard to take his performances seriously because it always feels like he’s acting out a comedy skit in his roles. I seriously recommend he gets a new acting coach ASAP. The action sequences were mediocre at best, mostly filled with explosions and weak choreographed fight scenes. Nothing that was really exciting or stood out. The story was dull too. I was expecting more as there had a nice build-up, but never really climaxed…eh.

This movie is just ok. I wouldn’t recommend spending 2 hours of your time or your money to catch it in the theater. Waiting until it is released on cable television is a much wiser and better bet. There are far too many movies better than this out there…D+


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Movies in Review: “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”

Fantastic_Beasts_-_The_Crimes_of_Grindelwald_PosterI may be the only one to admit this, but I was not the biggest fan of the first Fantastic Beasts film…sue me. It’s not that I hated it, but while everyone else was raving about it, I just thought it was ok ~shrugs. However, there was definitely something different about this film when I watched the trailer. The adventures seemed more riveting and the beasts more interesting. Not to mention the addition of new characters. I was happy to see Jude Law (who I love) cast, as well as Johnny Depp, who hasn’t released a decent movie in a while. I wasn’t a fanatic about with the first film, but I was more than intrigued with this second installment, and admit I was looking forward to seeing it.

I definitely enjoyed this movie far better than the first. This installment seemed to move at a quicker pace, which worked well for my attention span…lol. The wizardry was on another level in this movie as well, and I loved it. The film has a powerful opening that sets this film off to a great start and the greatness continued throughout the film. There a number of subplots in the film that all come together well for the main plot. Unlike the last film, this movie was less focused on the beasts, and more focused on the wizardry and people. There were some beautiful beasts to be seen though, but this film had a better balance of both. This movie has a fairly long running time, but nothing that isn’t to be expected from a film like this and nothing that you will notice. As a matter of fact, by the time it ended I was wanting more…smh. The cinematography in this film is remarkable as well as all cast performances, especially Depp. I am very interested in what the next film will bring.

If you are a fan of Fantastic Beasts, be prepared to get more than your monies worth from this one. It has great stories, characters, and is visually exciting. Expect to be entertained from start to finish…A+

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Movies in Review: “Widows”

Widows_(2018_movie_poster)I think we have all been anticipating this newest film directed by award winning director Steve McQueen and written by him and the acclaimed writer Gillian Flynn. Not to mention the stellar cast the film is packed with. The trailer drew me in from my first view of it. I was very intrigued by this female led heist film. I love a female led movie #GirlPower. As much as I was looking forward to this film, Liam Neeson in the cast did cause me to have a little worry. Neeson hasn’t had a great performance since Taken…ijs. However, I still remained excited on the strength of the other powerful cast members, which would include everyone but Neeson…lol. I admit I was looking forward to seeing this movie the most and was confident I would walk out of the theater pleased.

I can’t say that my expectations were really met. I would have expected more with Flynn and McQueen having theirs hands on the screenplay and directing chair, but this film didn’t even come close to a piece of work you would expect from them. Not to say the film was bad for and average writer or director, but the film wasn’t great for them ~shrugs. The cast was cool, but the story was a little weak, especially the silly plot twist. It wasn’t that the twist was bad, it just wasn’t written well. The heist also wasn’t written well either. There were far too many other plot stories that kept interfering with what should have been the meat and potatoes of the story, the women and the heist. As much as I loved Daniel Kaluuya performance, I felt his storyline took away from the women, who the film should have had move focus on, but instead the film was still focused on the men. Viola had a great performance, but it felt wasted in this movie. I also enjoyed Farrell’s performance, but again, wasted.

I wanted to love this movie, but the story had way too many plot holes, and was far weaker than what I expected. The heist part of the film seemed short and rushed, and nearly impossible for them even to pull off. I was expecting this movie to be powerful, but it fell flat, especially at the end…B- (This film is teetering on a C, but there were some decent performances)

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Movies in Review: “Green Book”

Green_Book_posterI love me some Mahershala Ali, so when I first watched the trailer for this film I knew I was going to see it. I know you had to have found that trailer entertaining enough to even put on your radar. It had a limited release this weekend and I had to take advantage of my theater being a part of the early showing. I had never heard of the jazz pianist and composer Don Shirley before seeing the trailer, but I was very interested in seeing his story of his tour experience in the deep south being played out on the big screen. My expectations were high for this film, as I smiled and laughed each time I watched the trailer, and I had to have seen the trailer more that 20 times…lol.

I knew Mahershala Ali would deliver, and he did exceptionally. However, I was quite surprised at the performance of Viggo Mortensen and the chemistry he and Ali had on-screen. The story was ok, but the performances of these two actors alone is enough to drive you to the theaters. These actors complimented each other so well. I enjoyed seeing Don Shirley’s touring being played out, although there was definitely one part of his story that didn’t really seem to be necessary. This movie is a little over 2hrs long, and this part of the story could have been edited out, as it really didn’t seem to be real significant outside of everything else…ijs.

This movie had me smiling and laughing so hard. I experienced less anger than I expected to feel from a film like this, but instead more moments that warmed my heart. I loved this movie. For me it ranks up there with films like The Color Purple, and Love Jones, films I can watch over and over again…A

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