Movies in Review: “Rough Night”

Rough_NightThere was nothing in me that wanted to see this movie this weekend. There was absolutely nothing that looked appealing about the film, and it also looked like something that had already been done before, but with a better cast. I know I’m not the only person who found this cast to be unbelievable as friends. They just looked like a mixed bag, and I couldn’t see it working well at all. Not only that, but they promoted the movie as being better than Bridesmaids???Ummmmmm…you can’t be serious. The trailer didn’t even compete with 1 scene in Bridesmaids, so I thought this comparison was a far stretch…smh. However in my search to find something else to watch, I found nothing. So I bit the bullet and took my chances.

Most of the film played out as I expected. The cast was a mixed bag…lol. They were also very loud and too damn chatty. I swear my ears were ringing by the time I left the theater. Nothing about the story was believable or appealing. Just a bunch of nonsense used to waste 90 mins of movie viewers time. This honestly had to be one of the dumbest plots ever…lol. The only redeeming quality was that it was funny at times, with most of the comedic appeal coming from Kate McKinnon as Pippa. I’m laughing at the folks who thought this film could be at the same table as Bridesmaids. That’s a joke…lol.

This movie is as bad as they tried to make Scarlett Johansson look…lol. Rough Night was a tough movie to get through. It really should have been a straight to DVD or made for TV movie. I did laugh more than I thought I would, but I still left the theater feeling like I wasted my time…D+

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Movies in Review: “The Mummy”

The_Mummy_(2017)Unlike most people these days, I don’t think there is a Tom Cruise film I wouldn’t see, especially an action film. I’m not usually a fan of reboots, and I can’t say I was ever a fan of the original Mummy film. However when I watched the trailer for the 2017 version, I was definitely interested in seeing this one. I had little doubt that I would enjoy it. Tom Cruise, in my opinion, kills it in action flicks, and I’d pay my money to see him any day.

I’m kind of cracking up because critics killed this film. Like talked about it so badly, you would honestly think it was one of the worst films released this year. I’m kind of starting to feel like Hollywood just has it out for Cruise, because the movie definitely wasn’t half as bad as they made it out to be. Cruise is playing a character that we have seen him play many times before in action flicks, and the age of 54, he still has it going on. I admit, it felt like I was watching him in a Mission Impossible film except his character had more humor, was fun, and witty, less serious and calculating as Mission Impossible, but you get my point. I enjoyed the characters in this film, especially Princess Ahmanet, and I enjoyed the chemistry between Cruises character and the archeologist Jenny. The story was cool, and had moments that had me jumping out of my seat. I will agree with critics that the story was a little all over the place. I had a hard time really understanding Russell Crowes significance, and also the ghost of Sergeant Chris Vali. Although I found Vali to be humorous, I just didn’t understand his purpose. Although the strength of the story faltered a bit, the action gives this film its entertainment value.

I must admit the ending left me totally confused, but I still felt I got my monies worth. I am hoping the next installment clears up the plot holes left by this film. However if it doesn’t, I still enjoyed this film more than the original, and I left the theater still interested in seeing the next installment…B

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Movies in Review: “Wonder Woman”

Wonder_Woman_(2017_film)DC Comic movies have been failing me. I haven’t seen a good movie from DC Comics since The Dark Knight. So please forgive me if I was a little less than excited when I watched the trailer for this Wonder Woman film. I wasn’t as impressed by the trailer as most. Although as a child I was a huge fan of Wonder Woman TV series. I guess I was afraid to get my hopes up again only to leave the theater more than disappointed. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was confident DC Comics would find some way to mess it up…ijs…


I am happy to say I was more than wrong about this film. It has a running time of well over 2hrs, but I could have sat and watched forever. First off let’s give a round of applause to Gal Gadot who held down our favorite Goddess Diana Prince. Gadot was beautiful, funny, and had such great screen presence. Her action sequences were amazing and she didn’t miss a step. It was a visually pleasing spectacle, as were most of the action scenes in this film, especially the scene with the Amazons on the beach. Was I the only one who got goosebumps and chills from that scene? All of those powerful women doing their thing was a beautiful sight to see. We don’t see women play enough roles like these. Women were standing out on their own instead of being the visual beauty next to a man. I found this film to be very empowering for women.


I enjoyed the story, and also the chemistry between Gadot and Pine. They were fun and adorable. There are also a number of other interesting characters that keeps this film filled with entertaining and filled with excitement. I admit the film kind of started to fizzle at the end, but only slightly. The rest of the film packs so much power, you won’t even notice.


DC Comics got this one right. This visual effects were amazing and would recommend catching them on a premium screen if possible. This film packs so much power, and Gadot did the Wonder Woman of old justice. I’m looking forward to more films in this franchise, but for now, just go see this one…A+

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Movies in Review: “Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie”

Captain_Underpants_The_First_Epic_Movie_poster (2)I wasn’t overly excited about this animated film, as I usually am with others. I thought the trailer was ok, however I always have the hardest time when Kevin Hart does voice overs. It’s hard to really see the animated character because Hart’s voice is so distinctive and overpowering that all hear and see is Hart. The only thing great about this film is that the character he was playing looking like an animated younger version of himself, so I figured my experience wouldn’t be ruined. You guys know an animated film means a date out with my son, who seemed less enthusiastic than I was about this movie…lol. I seriously had to convince him to come with me, while he asked if we could just go see another movie instead…smh. I should have taken this as a sign. If a movie meant for kids, doesn’t even appeal to kids…that’s a problem…


Critics seemed to have given this film high marks, but my son and I would beg to differ. I dosed off a few times, and my son watched the movie with a dead pan face, no emotion at all. It kind of felt like we were watching it wondering when was going to end, because we just wanted it to be over. I know this sounds like the movie must have been awful, it wasn’t, but probably a little dull. The animation was cute. I very much enjoyed the 2 young characters and their friendship. It was the principal, and that school that was a buzz kill. The adventures with Captain Underpants, the ones I was able to stay awake for, were also a little uneventful ~shrugs. Perhaps I was expecting too much, but I don’t think so.


This movie wasn’t horrible, and definitely way better than Boss Baby. But still not really a star of a film for me. It isn’t hard to tell this movie is more for its younger target audience, however it evoked no emotion from my kid. And this is a kid that gets into a movie. So in my opinion, it kind of missed the mark…C

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Movies in Review: “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tells”

Pirates_of_the_Caribbean,_Dead_Men_Tell_No_TalesOh how I’ve been waiting for Johnny Depp’s career to bounce back. With each new film, I’m always hoping for great things. So when I saw the trailer for the 5th installment of Pirates and the Caribbean, I again got excited for him. Captain Jack Sparrow has been one of Depp’s more popular roles. Although I was a bit surprised to see another film from this franchise, and the trailer didn’t really appeal to me as the others, I still anxiously awaited its release. I love Jack Sparrow’s adventures and couldn’t wait to see what he was getting himself into this time.

I think we all know The Pirates of the Caribbean films to have an abundance of characters, however with this film there were also too many storylines that you could tell they tried to force together, however it didn’t work out that well. I wasn’t a fan of the new edition characters as I have been in previous films. To be quite honest, I was kind of bored with them. The adventures also weren’t as fun and exciting as previous films. The make-up was horrible, especially the makeup used on Will Turner Jr. There were so many other characters, I seriously felt there was very little of Jack Sparrow, who was still great as always. Out of all the films from this franchise, this was definitely my least favorite. It was kind of hard to remember any of the previous happenings in earlier films as this installment is released 6yrs after the last film…smh.

I left the theater a little more disappointed than I had expected. This movie offered nothing new or exciting from previous films. It was the dullest installment to date from this franchise. I am still a fan of the franchise, but unfortunately not of this film…C

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Movies in Review: “Baywatch”

Baywatch_posterWow! Baywatch got dragged through the mud by critics. It was almost enough to make me pass on this film…SIKE! Are you kidding me!? Me miss an opportunity to see Dwayne Johnson run around shirtless on a beach? I would never pass on that…ijs. When I watched the trailer I didn’t find this movie to anything extraordinary, but it looked cute and funny enough to get me into the theater. There are certain films you have to approach with low expectations in order to help with a more enjoyable experience. This was one of those movies…


I’m not sure what critics were expecting. I never watched the TV series Baywatch, but I’m sure it wasn’t a work of art, but people tuned in to see Pamela Anderson run on the beach in a one piece ~shrugs. Putting The Rock half naked on the beach was the same reason I went to see the film. Yes the movie was corny, the storyline very weak, and almost complete nonsense, but I still enjoyed it. I enjoyed the characters in the film (except Zac Efron). Efron was definitely the weakest link for me, and he really needs to find another niche. The “hot guy” is starting to wear thin…ijs. Other than Efron though, I thought everyone else was appropriately cast and there were some decent funny moments. I really enjoy Dwayne Johnson in comedic roles, and he didn’t disappoint with this one.


Do you need to go see this…no, you can wait until it hits Netflix, or Redbox. However if you have nothing better to do, and nothing better to see, are willing to set your expectations low, I think there is still some entertainment value to take away from this one…lol…C+

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Movies in Review: “Alien: Covenant”

Alien_Covenant_Teaser_Poster (1)I seriously hate horror films, especially science fiction films. It’s not that they are bad movies, and to be quite honest, science fiction horror films are actually better than others. However it seems with my old age my stomach can’t take all the gore, and I often find myself jumping in my seat in horror or fighting back a queasy stomach from all the blood ~quiver. When it comes to any Alien film I feel the need to go and finish this franchise since rocking out with their movies since 1986. It’s honestly torture, but I have to watch. I’m really hoping they stop making these films soon and the franchise will end…lol. Only because I can’t take the emotional toll, not because the films are bad…


I loved when the franchise started to film prequels to the original Alien films, with Prometheus being the first prequel. I thought it was a nice touch to keep the franchise going, keep it fresh, and to also give audiences some background into how this horror started. As I was watching Covenant, I wished that the film wasn’t released so far after Prometheus. This film references Prometheus a great deal, and I can’t recall half of what happened in that movie. It would help if you caught up on Prometheus before going to see this one, in my opinion. 


You get everything that is expected from this franchise. Although you may feel like you’ve seen it before in other films, there is enough to freak you out and have you feeling the terror. What I kind of didn’t like was the lack of character development. I had a hard time figuring out who was who before they were tore into pieces…ijs. There was no real connection to anyone except Fassbender’s characters as the androids Walter and David. He was what made this film as good as it was. It seemed that all other characters were only put in the movie for the horror ~shrugs. 


I enjoyed the film, but there wasn’t really anything new added. It will still scare the crap out of you, but I still feel like I just wanted there to be a little more. Lucky for them, the ending was good, and terrifying enough to still have me looking forward to the next installment…B+

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