Movies in Review: “Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom”

Jurassic_World_Fallen_KingdomI am a huge fan of the Jurassic World franchise and was a big fan on the Jurassic World film. Although I did not expect to see a sequel, I was excited when I saw the trailer for the first time. I seriously can’t get enough of these dinosaurs. It is easy to see that I am not alone, as this sequel to Jurassic World shook the box office its opening weekend and too the #1 spot from the animated film Incredibles 2. Jurassic didn’t have much competition opening this weekend, with only a few limited released films to compete with. This movie was the only film on my list and I was ready to see what adventures were in store this time.

It was very interesting to see that the trailer was only filled with the first 20min of the film. I felt a little bamboozled when I noticed this. The beginning of the film was not great in my opinion, with new characters and a new villain being introduced, but all of that felt kind of rushed. As a matter of fact, the whole beginning felt rushed. We went from saving the dinosaurs to a volcano explosion, and a mad rush off the island, which would have seemed a little impossible to happen the way it played out in the film ~shrugs. However, there were still some fun and entertaining scenes, especially the scene with the T-rex and the characters Claire and Owen hemmed up in a trailer. That was one of my favorite scenes. For me, the story kind of went downhill from there. There were new intriguing stories that were introduced but were left to develop in the next film…I hope. I wasn’t a fan of the lack of dinosaurs and the way they were contained in this film. The focus was on 1 new hybrid and he was just ok in my opinion. The villains in this film were corny, and can someone tell me what happened to Iris, Lockwood’s housekeeper and the Nannie of Lockwood’s “granddaughter” Maisie. It seemed like her character has a deeper link in the story. Unlike the last film, this sequel left so many unanswered questions that I expect to have answered in the next film.

This movie wasn’t bad, but it was just ok for me compared to the first. I wanted a better developed story, but instead got a left with so many unanswered questions and no closure. This third film really needs to come strong because it seemed to have opened a Pandora’s box. I didn’t have as much fun with this film as the last, but it still had some entertaining moments ~shrugs. This movie didn’t meet my expectations and left me wanting more from the next film…B-.

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Movies in Review: “Incredibles 2”

Image result for incredibles 2I literally spit my drink out when I first saw the trailer for Incredibles 2. My skin tingled with excitement as a huge smile came across my face. At first, I thought it was a joke, and I still didn’t believe it when the teaser trailer finished. It wasn’t until I saw the trailer a few more times that I began to come to terms that this wasn’t a sick joke Pixar was playing on me…lol. This has to me the most anticipated movie of the year. I’ve been waiting for this sequel for 14yrs. Can you believe that? 14 years!? Most of the kids in the theater weren’t even born when the original was released, but there were more than enough adults that were still holding on to that original film anticipating the follow-up release. With that much time to make this film happen my expectations were on another level for this sequel. Pixar had a great deal to live up to. Outdoing the original may be hard to live up to, but I expected this sequel to at least come close.

I know most walked out of the theater overjoyed and loved the sequel…I didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate it, but all I was thinking was I waited 14yrs for this ~shrugs. The movie was cool, but not worth all the hype put behind it. There was something less appealing about Elastigirl’s storyline in this film. It was seriously boring, including the villain. There were a number of other supers introduced, which took away screen time from the family. I could have used seeing more of Mr. Incredible and his kids. All Violet’s character did was whine, and it only felt like Dash was on-screen for 10min…ijs. However, the film wasn’t a totally loss thanks to Jack Jack. This baby kept this film from being a major disappointment. My favorite scenes were every scene he was in especially the scene with the raccoon. I’m still laughing at the thought of it…lol. Edna is another one of my favorites and I wish her, and the Incredibles had a closer working relationship so that she would have a bigger part in the story.

The sequel could have missed me with all the extra supers. There were too many new characters and not enough of the ones we love. The movie seemed a lot longer than it needed to be, but thanks to Jack Jack, you will feel like maybe your time wasn’t totally wasted. I didn’t hate this movie, but unlike the first, I’m not looking for another…B-

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Movies in Review: “Tag”

Tag_(2018_film)Who didn’t like a game of tag growing up? It was easily to go to game at the playground. So how can you not find a film based on a true story of a group of friends who has kept this monumental game of tag going well past grade school. When I watched the trailer, I laughed hard. The trailer was also nostalgic for me and looked very entertaining. I was all in for this movie and couldn’t wait its release. I entered the theater ready to laugh and be entertained…and for the most part I did, and I was…

The movie had an entertaining opening and had great momentum as the guys were gathered in the film for this last game of tag. My favorite part was with Ed Helms trying to tag Jake Johnson’s character Chilli. Chilli was my favorite throughout the film and was a major comic relief. However, the other characters weren’t as funny as I hoped they would be. Jon Hamm was great, Ed Helms was cool, but was I the only one who thought Hannibal Buress’s character Sable didn’t fit? Nothing he said got even a chuckle for me. I’m not sure if it was the writing for his character or his delivery, but I thought he was a decent comedic actor and I definitely expected to laugh more. Besides the scenes with the character Chilli, I didn’t really get the laughs I was expecting. I did enjoy the slow motion styled filming and I did enjoy the teddy bear scene with Renner’s character, but there was a little too much talking at times and not enough horseplay for my taste ~shrugs.

This movie wasn’t bad, but definitely not as great and hilarious as I had hopes for. There is a lot more talking than there needs to be, and I think they could have stepped up the pranks just a little bit for film theatrics. I did love how the game has kept their friendship going, and it was great to see actual footage of the guys whose story this film is based, playing the game. That part I really enjoyed. If you lower your expectations you will likely enjoy the movie more…B-

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Movies in Review: “Superfly”

SuperFlyI’m not the biggest fan of remakes as I think we are becoming too comfortable with a lack of originality. However, I’ve never watched the original 1972 film, although I have tried. I just couldn’t get myself to do it. Unlike most adults my age, the original did not appeal to me. Not the case for this remake. I walked past the theatrical poster before I even saw the trailer. Some of you may have disliked Trevor Jackson’s slicked back, pretty boy hair, but the poster was giving me life. I’m sorry, but Jackson’s character was looking clean…ijs. Of course, after seeing the trailer I was still intrigued, although I felt guilty for feeling so, but I was still going to see it ~shrugs.

This remake was directed by the well-known music video director Director X. The movie definitely had a music video vibe to it. At times it felt like one of those extended music videos and you are waiting for the beat to drop and someone to start rapping…lol. I honestly had low expectations for this film, but surprisingly walked out of the theater enjoying it more than I thought. I loved the fashion, except for that Snow Patrol crew (they looked corny). Jackson’s character Priest was super clean, as were the people around him. I really enjoyed Jackson in this role, and Jason Mitchell as his right-hand man Eddie was a nice match. The two at times reminded me of the Tommy and Ghost friendship from Power. Some of the images made me cringe, but I enjoyed the action, characters and story. My favorite scene was in the art gallery. I found the pieces of art as the backdrop for the scene to be visually stunning. I admit, was a little corny and felt like this could have been a Netflix film, but whatever ~shrugs.

This movie was entertaining and also visually beautiful to see. It felt like an extended music video, but a decent one that would make you want to sit through to the end. I enjoyed the way the story built up and wasn’t too disappointed with the way it ended. I enjoyed the movie, but it was still something I think I could have watched on BET or Netflix…C+

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Movies in review: “Ocean’s 8”

OceansEightPosterWhen Ocean’s 13 finished there was nothing I wouldn’t give to have an Ocean’s 14 to follow. However, after the death of Bernie Mac, and George Clooney bowing out a fourth film the idea was totally shelved. Thank goodness for spin-off’s right!? I think I came across the theatrical poster for this film before I was able to see the trailer. I was more than intrigued by the poster. I’m all about girl power, and the poster showcased a phenomenal cast of beautiful women. I was here for this. Seeing the trailer only confirmed my desires to see this film. Needless to say, my expectations were high for this one. I was expecting at least what I received from the male version. I know you were too.

I can go on and on about this cast, which was the best part about this film. Their chemistry together made this an entertaining and easy film to watch, just as the Ocean 11 trilogy. Let’s first talk about how absolutely stunning this cast was. Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett were giving me life…stunning. Rihanna and Awkwafina’s characters gave the cast spunk and flare, and Helena Bonham Carter rules the big screen. There aren’t too many actresses who can touch her. She is a gem. All praises to this cast, however the plot was a little less appealing. The story didn’t really have the power and strength of the original Ocean 11 films. The heist in this film was a little weak and had far too many plot holes. I can’t point them out in this review as mentioning would cause spoilers. It is not hard to see from this film the heist lacked real flare, and honestly the women should have been caught at the end if it played out the way it did in real life…ijs. This was probably the most disappointing part of the movie but, is what I loved so much about the Ocean 11 trilogy ~shrug.

I would have to give this film a nice try. They hit the mark with casting but fell short with the writing of the story. These women could have pulled off a stronger film, but it sometimes felt that they were also being showcased for their beauty instead of their talent. If there is another film (I would see it), keep the same cast, but please write a better story…B-

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Movies in Review: “Hotel Artemis”

Hotel_Artemis_posterHotel Artemis at first glance at the trailer seemed to have so much going for it, a great cast and intriguing premise. Yes, I was definitely into it. Honestly, I was really here for Sterling K. Brown, and that fine ass Dave Bautista, who I kind of have a thing for…ijs. From the trailer it looked like I would be in for an interesting crime drama, and with Sofia Boutella also in the cast I knew there would be some kick ass fight/action scenes. My expectations were about average for this film, and I felt it should be easy to satisfy when walking into the theater.

The best thing going for this film was definitely the cast. However, the story almost killed anything else about it. The story lacked focus, and bits and pieces of stories that were supposed to meld together for an interesting overall drama, but that wasn’t the case. It seemed Jeff Goldblum’s character would have had a stronger place in the story. Less should have been on what was happening to Sterling Brown’s character’s brother. This added very little to the story and wasted screen time that could have been directed to a more important element like Jodie Foster character’s son. There was a cop mixed in the store and her part was so small, it didn’t seem necessary, especially when it seemed she was just thrown into the street…ijs. I’m a huge fan of Jeremy Quinto, but this role wasn’t worth his talent at all. He was on screen being an obnoxious raging jerk without purpose.

From what I’ve written so far it may seem this movie was just horrible. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t all bad. There were some great performances from my faves Bautista and Brown, and Boutella was of course strong and amazing. Her story should have been written better though. Charlie Day was entertaining, but sometimes felt like a yapping Chihuahua that you want to shut up. Again, he was entertaining, but at times over the time and loud for little reason. There are a number of things that you will find wrong with this movie. I took joy in the fact that Bautista and Brown were very pleasing on the eye and tickled my funny bone. Unfortunately, I walked out of the theater still thinking maybe I should have taken my chances with the film Hereditary ~shrug…C+

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Movies in Review: “Upgrade”

UpgradePosterHas anyone even watched a trailer or heard about this movie??? I know I didn’t. I only came across it when researching new releases for this weekend. I already knew I wasn’t planning to see that obnoxious Johnny Knoxville flick, and needed another film to replace it, that’s when I came across the trailer. I thought the trailer was interesting enough, and it helped that it already was receiving pretty decent ratings, so I decided to take the chance. We all know I’m not into horror flicks, but Blumhouse Productions makes some the most interesting horror flicks I’ve seen, so I was less worried.

Let me just tell you this movie was far better than I had thought it would be. It is bananas, and you will want to catch this film if it’s in your area. Blumhouse has produced films like Get Out, The Purge, and others. So, you know you can expect pure horror and entertainment from this flick. I found myself laughing, because the humor was on point. I also found myself cringing at the unexpected horror action, entertainment at its best. It was freakishly fun, if that makes sense. I was so enthralled in the story with its build up and crazy twist at the end. I felt emotionally violated…lol. I’m still a wreck thinking about this movie.

This movie is entertaining all the way through. You will find yourself amazed and caught off guard by this story and action. I’m sure most of you, like myself have not heard of this film, but you definitely need to see it…B+

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